What is ALORA ?

The Association de LOisirs, Rencontres et Ateliers (ALORA) is an association, founded in 1997, bringing together active and retired OECD staff, the staff of the Member country delegations to the OECD, and the families of both. ALORA offers to its more than 2000 members the possibility of participating in cultural, learning, social and sports activities, often under advantageous conditions. The range of such activities is broad, including for example football tournaments and musical shows, museum visits and bridge sessions, gym classes and quiz nights. ALORA also has special discounted price arrangements with major sports clubs and museums in the Paris area.

ALORA provides the vitamins that keep an organisation alive: it enables people of widely different backgrounds to meet on equal terms and with a shared purpose; it provides opportunities to explore cultural and sporting activities, both familiar and unfamiliar; it offers scope to develop and demonstrate talents untapped at work. ALORA believes that the work place is more than just a place to work.

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Mission Statement

To foster cultural understanding, friendship and learning, through a diversity of activities and mutual support networks.

Adopted by the Board of Management on 4 October 2000