Membership to ALORA is open to current staff of the OECD, NEA and IEA, secondments, delegation members, retired staff and staff partners.

Membership form

Submit the following membership form to register as an ALORA member: 

membership form


Membership fees 

The annual membership fee to ALORA is 54 euros/year (4.50€/month).

OECD  (including NEA and IEA) staff will have 4.50€ deducted from their monthly salary.


Staff on secondment, unpaid staff, delegation members, retired staff and staff partners are requested to pay the full annual membership fee either by sending proof of bank transfer (ALORA bank details here), or by cheque (payable to “ALORA”). Annual membership lasts one year from the date of inscription.



Membership to ALORA is for a minimum of one year, except in the case of departure from the Organisation or relocation.

Membership Card

A membership card will be issued to external members once your application has been processed.

This card may be used to prove membership and validity for member-only offers and discounts.

 Internal members may contact ALORA to request a membership certificate should they require one.